Für Burlesque-Workshops in München 2018 schaut bitte auf die Workshop-Seite unserer Tanzschule.


Dixie Dynamite's School Of Burlesque ® / Vintage Dance Studio München bietet in den kühleren Monaten eine Menge Wochenend-Workshops und in den Sommermonaten jeden Samstag JGA/Junggesellinnenabschieds-Burlesque-Workshops mit einem gut ausgebildeten Team an Burlesque-Lehrerinnen, die auch selbst als Burlesque-Künstlerinnen auf der Bühne zu erleben sind.

Da ist bestimmt auch für Sie etwas passendes dabei!

Die Festival Workshops 2017:

Verbindliche Anmeldungen bitte per Mail an diese Adresse!



12:00 – 13:00 Sophie Sucré: On The Floor - Burlesque Jazz Dance

13:10 – 14:10 Ginger Leigh: IntensiTEASE

14:20 – 15:20 Cherry Bomb: Musicality through Striptease

15:40 – 16:40 Adèle Wolf: Intimacy for the stage

16:50 – 17:50 Adèle Wolf: Costuming 101

18:00 – 19:00 Adèle Wolf: Stage Makeup Techniques


Ausführliche Workshopinhalte:

12:00 – 13:00 Uhr: Sophie Sucré mit "On The Floor - A Burlesque Jazz Dance Class"

Focused on strengthening and polishing floor work; discover new ways to define rhythm and intention, while defining shape and transition. This exploration will help build audience connection and movement invention. 



Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, allow for the visibility of line and shape. Heels are encouraged but not required.


All levels welcomed!


Sophie Sucré

Like sugar and spice and everything nice...Sophie Sucre hales from Guyana, South America and was raised in the belly of Memphis, Tennessee. After Graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA) with a BFA in Dance and Choreography, Sophie joined the Peek-a-Boo Revue in 2009, Philadelphia’s Premiere Burlesque Troupe. Sophie has also performed with Brown Girls Burlesque, Celeste Giuilano's Pinup Peep Show, IdiosynCrazy Productions, Anonymous Bodies, and as a headliner in the 2016 Philadelphia Burlesque Festival.


13:10 – 14:10 Uhr:  Ginger Leigh mit "IntensiTEASE"


In this class you will delve into the searingly seductive side of burlesque with Ginger Leigh! You will learn how to control the tension and the release on stage and in any room with movement dynamics and focus. Trip hop and electronic music will be used to incorporate lessons in musicality. This class will consist dance combinations that will help intensify your TEASE!

Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in.

All levels are welcome!


Ginger Leigh has been performing with Philadelphia's Peek-A-Boo Revue neo-burlesque show since 2006 and is also currently the Creative Director. She is hailed as "the petite powerhouse" and loves combining her classical dance training with the art of the striptease. Ginger, Director of Burlesque Education at The Philadelphia Burlesque Academy, has been teaching burlesque classes since 2012 and teaches fitness classes throughout Philadelphia. Among the things she enjoys boasting about are: a BA in Dance Studies from the University of South Florida, Peek-A-Boo's title of Best Troupe from Burlesque Hall of Fame 2008 and 2012, being awarded Best Duet with Cherry Bomb in The Great Southern Exposure Burlesque Festival 2013, and group performances in the New York, Colorado, and Philadelphia Burlesque Festivals. Spreading the love of burlesque through education and entertainment brings Ginger Leigh unparalleled heart-singing joy!


14:20 – 15:20 Uhr: Cherry Bomb mit "Musicality through Striptease"

Did you ever see a performance where the artist becomes the music? In Cherry Bomb's Musicality through Striptease class you will learn the techniques and the tools of the trade to really express yourself through your music selection. She will take you through several routines using similar music to show you how different acts can be when you highlight various instrumentation. Beginner/Intermediate level. Dress is comfortable; dance shoes or bare feet.


Cherry Bomb has been performing with The Peek-a-Boo Revue since 2005 and took over as the group's Managing Director in 2012. She performed with the group when they won Best Troupe at The Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2008 and 2012, and when they appeared on America's Got Talent in 2010. She also won Best Duet with Ginger Leigh at The Great Southern Exposure Burlesque Festival 2013. Coming from a musical theater background, Cherry Bomb's performance style includes dancing, singing and acting. This Wild Girl ’s style ranges from Classic to Neo to Character studies.

15:40 – 16:40 Uhr: Adèle Wolf  mit "Intimacy for the Stage"

Learn techniques to connect with your audience and create intimacy regardless of crowd size. This workshop will enhance your stage presence and give you tools to feel more confident onstage. Please wear comfortable attire that you can move in (yoga pants, tank tops, etc). Heels are optional, but suggested.

16:50 – 17:50 Uhr: Adèle Wolf mit "Costuming 101"

In this workshop, you will learn how to take your costuming to the next level! Learn about different ways of customizing "off the rack" garments with various types of embellishments and the best ways to attach them. We will discuss the various types of rhinestones and the differences in quality, durability, price, and how to place them in order to maximize sparkle under stage lights. We will discuss trims, appliques, dyes, and customizing items for removal with zippers, snaps, magnets, and more! No sewing experience required! Students are encouraged to bring items they'd like to workshop.

18:00 – 19:00 Uhr: Adèle Wolf  mit "Stage Makeup Techniques"

In this workshop, we will cover stage makeup application techniques, products, brushes, and more. Learn how to contour and highlight to put your best face forward in various lighting situations. You will learn tips and tricks on creating illusions to troubleshoot problem areas.

Workshops vergangenr Jahre:

Die Burlesque-Workshops des Festivals 2016 finden wieder mit den internationalen unterrichtserfahrenen Performer/innen der Festival-Shows aus USA und  Kanada statt. 


Die Workshops sind auch für Anfängerinnen geeignet. Jede Teilnehmerin, egal ob erfahren oder unerfahren im Burlesque, wird sicher einiges an Wissen, Tricks und Tipps aus jedem Workshop mitnehmen können. Und ganz wichtig: Spaß haben werdet Ihr in jedem Fall!


Geeignet nicht nur für alle Niveaus, auch passend für jedes Alter, Geschlecht, Kleidergröße und Typ! Nur Mut, Ihr könnt von den Workshops nur profitieren!


Die Lehrer/innen aus Kanada und USA unterrichten auf englisch!


Just like in the years before, also in 2016 the experienced burlesque teachers among our performers will share their knowledge with you in our festival workshops. 


There are workshops suitable for all levels, ages, genders, sizes and types of participants! Don't be afraid, give it a chance!




SAMSTAG 9. APRIL / Saturday April 9th


11:30 – 12:30 Uhr 

April O’Peel (Canada): Sexy & Flexy Neo Burlesque


12:40 – 13:40 Uhr

April O’Peel (Canada)l: Comedy and Burlesque: Finding Your Funny Boner (Lecture)


13:50 – 14:50 Uhr

Melody Mangler (Canada): Channeling the SnakeGoddess


15:00 – 16:00 Uhr

Melody Mangler (Canada): Add Texture and Depth toYour Choreography



SONNTAG 10. APRIL / Sunday April 10th


12:00 – 13:00 Uhr

Coco Lectric (USA): Origins of the Bump and Grind


13:10 – 14:10 Uhr

Ruby Joule (USA): Stocking and Glove Peel Appeal


14:20 – 15:20 Uhr

Jade Esteban Estrada (USA): Beyond the Tease: Acting for Burlesque


15:40 – 16:40 Uhr 

Kellita (USA): Showgirl Awakening


16:50 – 17:50 Uhr

Kellita (USA): Burlesque...from the Inside Out


18:00 – 19:00 Uhr

Bambi La Fleur (USA): You Gotta Have A Gimmick



Kosten / Cost: 

Erster Workshop / First workshop: 25 EUR

Jeder weitere Workshop / Each following workshop: 20 EUR

Flat rate: alle Workshops beide Tage / both days: 180 EUR

Flat rate: alle Sonntags / all Sunday-Workshops: 110 EUR

Anmeldung / registration: mail@vintage-dance-studio.de


Location: Vintage Dance Studio / Munich School Of Burlesque

Maillingerstr. 6 Rgb in 80636 München- Neuhausen

Nur wenige Meter von der U1 Maillingerstraße, nur 2 Stationen entfernt vom Münchner Hauptbahnhof.


Location: Vintage Dance Studio / Munich School Of Burlesque

Maillingerstr. 6 (back building, downstairs), 80636 Munich. 

Subway station: U1 Maillingerstrasse (only two stops from the central station in direction of OEZ/Olympiaeinkaufszentrum). The studio is just a minute from the subway stop.


Verbindliche Anmeldungen bitte mit dem ausgefüllten Anmeldeformular unten an: mail@vintage-dance-studio.de

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Anmeldeformular für die Workshops - Workshop registration form
Bitte dieses Dokument ausgefüllt an uns mailen für eine verbindliche Anmeldung! Pro Teilnehmerin bitte ein eigenes Formular Ihr könnt alle gewünschten Workshops in einer Anmeldung eintragen.
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Ausführliche Workshop-Beschreibungen

Workshops am Samstag, 9. April 2016

April O'Peel from Vancouver/Canada teaches at the Munich Burlesque Festival 2016 April O'Peel from Vancouver/Canada

11:30 - 12:30 Uhr:

APRIL O'PEEL (Vancouver/Canada)

Sexy & Flexy Neo Burlesque


Lernt von dieser großartigen preisgekrönten Burlesque-Künstlerin!

Dieser Workshop beinhaltet ein Burlesque-inspiriertes Warmup und die zweite Hälfte ist auf eine Burlesque Choreografie ausgerichtet. Wir werden eine Nummer lernen mit Inspirationen aus verschiedenen Tanzstilen mit Fokus auf das Perfektionieren von wichtigen Burlesque-Bewegungen. 

This Class features a Burlesque inspired warm-up, with the second half focusing on Burlesque choreography. We will learn a routine featuring inspirations from different styles of dance with emphasis on perfecting essential Burlesque movements.

April O'Peel from Vancouver/Canada teaching at the Munich Burlesque Festival April O'Peel from Vancouver/Canada

12:40 - 13:40 Uhr

APRIL O'PEEL (Vancouver / Canada)

Comedy and Burlesque: Finding Your Funny Boner


Burlesque’s literal definition is to make fun of! Learn to find or hone your funny boner as as we break down the how to of creating a funny burletta and finding your comedic style. Thisclass examines why we laugh in order to discover our own comedic style. Using principles from sketch comedy as well as others relative to Burlettas, we learn to say yes to being silly in order to explore a different kind of power onstage. 

Melody Mangler from Vancouver / Canada teaching at the Munich Burlesque Festival Melody Mangler from Vancouver / Canada

13:50 - 14:50 Uhr

MELODY MANGLER (Vancouver / Kanada)

Channeling the Snake Goddess


Increasing your Sensuality with Isolations and Fluidity

Master muscular manipulations of your every bump and grind, captivate your audience with every inch of your body. In this class we will be running drills which unlock, stretch and activate muscle isolations, rolls and flourishes with different parts of your body. Bring water and a yoga mat or pad for your knees. 

15:00 - 16:00 Uhr

MELODY MANGLER (Vancouver / Kanada)

Add Texture and Depth to Your Choreography


Have you ever wondered how some performers make the simplest of movements absolutely captivating? Learn the methods of intentional movement: the thought choreography behind the dance steps. Using the Laban Movement Analysis created by Hungarian dance artist Rudolf Laban, we'll play with the inner intention behind moving our bodies through and with space, weight and time. This class is beneficial for beginners and professionals alike.

Workshops am Sonntag, 10. April 2016

Coco Lectric from Austin/Texas (USA) teaching at the Munich Burlesque Festival Coco Lectric from Austin/Texas (USA)

12:00 - 13:00 Uhr


Origins of the Bump and Grind


Coco teaches you the origins of the bump and grind from belly dance technique to hula, Latin styles and even a bump session to African drums. American burlesque has taken a hint from fertility dances from all over the world and Coco will bring it all together for you. Basic classic walks and poses will also be reviewed. Bring comfortable clothing that you can stretch in. No shoes required.

Ruby Joule from Austin/Texas/USA teaching at the Munich Burlesque Festival Ruby Joule from Austin/Texas/USA

13:10 - 14:10 Uhr


Stocking and Glove Peel Appeal


Squeeze every ounce of tease from those glove and stocking peels! We will explore the cultural meaning of these garments and how this translates to the stage, learn removal techniques to amplify the tease factor of your gloves and stockings, and incorporate classic striptease moves to bring it all together, including some chair and floorwork . Bring a pair of old stockings (that you don't mind getting a run in) and a set of long gloves, over the elbow is best. Be sure to wear shorts or stretchy form fitting pants for this course, and bring a pair of slip-on heels.



Jade Esteban Estrada aka Pretty Boy Rock from Austin/Texas/USA teaching at the Munich Burlesque Festival Jade Esteban Estrada aka Pretty Boy Rock from Austin/Texas/USA

14:20 - 15:20 Uhr


Beyond the Tease: Acting for Burlesque


Nach dem Erfolg dieses Workshops beim vergangenen Festival 2015 steht diese Klasse wieder im Stundenplan!


An intensive acting for burlesque workshop with award-winning boylesque performer Jade Esteban Estrada

The few precious moments we’re allowed to strut our stuff on stage are golden opportunities to tell an interesting story, develop a rich character and most importantly, keep your audience engaged in the journey of your transformation. But how does one create that indescribable “it” factor that separates one burlesque performer from another? Costumes and choreography alone can’t guarantee that all eyes will stay on you. The answer is simple: basic acting technique. Strip away acting fears and take your performance to a higher ground in Beyond the Tease: Acting for Burlesque with award-winning boylesque performer Jade Esteban Estrada. In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn quick and easy performance secrets that will inspire your audiences to cheer for more. 

Kellita from San Francisco/California/USA teaching at the Munich Burlesque Festival 2016 Kellita from San Francisco/California/USA

15:40 - 16:40 Uhr


Showgirl Awakening


Join Showgirl Shaman Kellita in practicing the core Showgirl Awakening movements that empower you to come home to your body & show up on stage & in your life with Presence, Passion & Purpose.  Experience & express your Radiant self through Shimmy-Shakes, Circles, Extensions, Twists & Stillness.  Become fluent in your own body language and express exactly what you intend to.  Animate every cell of your body with your delicious essence. You’ll also discover the mystical heart of the Awakening Showgirl herself, as She lives in you through an introduction to Showgirl Samba.

Kellita teaching at the Munich Burlesque Festival 2016 Kellita from San Francisco/California/USA

16:50 - 17:50 Uhr


Burlesque...from the Inside Out


Is it possible to feel most self-expressed at the same time you’re creating your most satisfying art?  YES!  In burlesque at it’s best, we unite our bodies, minds & spirits to express our most fully nuanced & creative selves.  Think:  the most “YOU” version of you.  Also discover which archetype of the Awakening Showgirl you are expressing most now, and which you might call on to better express your full range (The Diva, The Siren, The Ingenue, The Muse, The Vixen, The Amuser…).



Bambi LaFleur from Fort Lauderdale/Florida/USA teaching at the Munich Burlesque Festival Bambi LaFleur from Fort Lauderdale/Florida/USA

18:00 - 19:00 Uhr

Bambi LaFleur (Florida / USA)


You Gotta Get a Gimmick


Nach dem großen Erfolg dieses Workshops beim Munich Burlesque Festival 2014 nun wieder auf dem Plan! Gute Start- und Orientierungshilfe für alle die sich mit dem Gedanken tragen einen eigenen bzw. neuen Burlesque- Act zu entwickeln und sich als Performer einen (noch besseren) Namen zu machen. Die Do’s und Don’ts zum Thema Solo Act Entwicklung. Dieser Workshop ist im "Lecture"-Format, also kein aktives Tanzen o.ä. Auch Anfängerinnen ohne konkrete Act-Absichten werden von dem Wissen aus diesem Workshop profitieren und sich Anregungen holen können.


Taught by Burlesque Performer Bambi La Fleur.  Bambi has studied all over the World with various teachers of dance and entertainment!  Some Burlesque,some magic, some comedy, some vocal!  The list goes on and on...What Bambi has learned by this eclectic method, was that each and every performance artist had a gimmick!  How do you create "your" gimmick, so that you are not a carbon copy of someone else?  How do you find what it is special about you, your talents, your unique qualities that only you possess?  It is a process and a continual one, as you grow and explore!  The most important thing is to get the right start! Learning what fits you, your style, and what you want to project to your audience! This class is designed to help you do just that!  You will leave with your very own gimmick! 


This Class is taught without any need for props, as it is an energizing idea forum. Students are asked to bring a note pad and pen.  Prior to class students are asked to write down any acts they are working on, but have not been able to get them where they want the acts to be!  The  style of Burlesque that interests them the most, and what is it about Burlesque that they love.


This is a fun class, and the students learn how to help each other over the hurdles of act development! 

Rückschau auf die Workshops 2015







12:00 - 13:00 Lady Wildflower (UK): 
Beginners’ Burlesque class covering posture, poise, how to enter/exit stage, how to engage with the audience, how to strut and pose, bump’n’grind and glove removal.


13:15 - 14:15 Andromeda Circus (ES): 
Flexibililty and stretching secrets
Andromeda Circus, the bendiest boylesque performer has created “Bendylesque” - A class of techniques to improve your transitions between moves and develop your splits. Bendylesque will make your burlesque acts smoother and more elegant. Andromeda will teach you his stretching secrets. You’ll learn how to warm up and get ready to give your most polished performance yet. Experience an intense hour of warm up exercises, dance and floor exercises.Be ready to get hot, sweaty, and bendy to the sound of burlesque.


14:30 - 15:30 Scarlett Martini (IT): 
This workshop suits beginners, intermediate and advanced burlesque students. It is based on how important walking is both on stage and in our own life. Together we will approach different "moods of walking". There will be a technical part with and without heels to work on the balance of the body and permit to walk fluently and in a seductive way.


16:00 - 17:00 Trillian (NZ): 
You will learn to shake your booty as many different ways as possible. This is a bump n grind class taught in the style of hip hop and yes we will be twerking! We will learn a range of basic movement techniques and then a short block of choreography. This is a dance class so come prepared to work up a sweat. Ladies and gentlemen welcome. Attire - booty shorts is a must! Bare feet or sneakers/sports shoes and knee pads or leg warmers for floor work.


17:15 - 18:15 Vixen Valentine (US): 
In this hands on workshop we will explore different techniques and tricks performers can use to better engage their entire body while on stage to draw in the audience. As burlesque performers, we focus so much of our attention on our face that the goal of this workshop is to use masks to hide our facial expressions in order to better see how the rest of our body becomes an integral part of the routine. Examining poise, intention and breathing we will explore how these elements affect the audience and how we can use them in order to be fully present on stage.




12:00 - 13:00 Dixie Dynamite (D): 
Diese Klasse ist ein perfekter Start in den Workshoptag für Burlesque Anfänger und erfahrenere Burlesque-Tänzerinnen die Dixie’s Version von klassischen Burlesque-Bewegungen (Bumps & Grinds, Shimmies, Walks), den burlesken Tease und Pinup Posing lernen wollen. Der Workshop ist auch als Warmup für die folgenden Klassen bestens geeignet. Dixie wird Euch ein umfassendes Repertoire an Bewegungen, Gesten, Mimik und Posing-Möglichkeiten zeigen.
Unterrichtssprache ist deutsch bzw. gegebenenfalls deutsch & englisch.

This class is a perfect start into the workshop day for burlesque beginners as well as more experienced burlesque dancers who want to know more about Dixie’s approach to classic burlesque moves (bumps, grinds, shimmies, walks), teasing and pinup posing. It is also great as a warm up for the following workshops. Dixie will show you a comprehensive variety of movements, gestures, mimics and posing options. The workshop language will be German unless there are participants in the class who don’t understand German. Then it will be both English and German.


13:15 - 14:15 Pretty Boy Rock (US): 
Want to know how to steal the spotlight? How to keep all eyes on you? How to fill up the stage with the force of your personality? Learn performance secrets from award-winning stage and screen performer JADE ESTEBAN ESTRADA in this incredible workshop!

Jade is an Estrella-award-winning singer who has shared the stage with Madonna, Margaret Cho, and countless other stars, and has been a Choreographer and Lead Dancer for Charo (yes, cuchi-cuchi Charo). Jade has been seen in feature films, in Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock on NBC , on Comedy Central’s The Graham Norton Effect, on In the Life on PBS, and has headlined concerts, theatres and comedy clubs around the world.


14:30 - 15:30 Peggy De Lune (US): 
Stage Presence and Confidence: Learn how to hold your own on the stage, captivate your audience and have them begging for more. Using ideas from phsyical theatre techniques, you will learn how to command the space and exude confidence on stage and in life. Give yourself permission to feel beautiful and valuable in whatever you may be doing - we will go through a range of fun and sometimes challenging exercises to free ourselves from judgment. Come curious and ready to work!"


16:00 - 17:00 Scarlett James (CA): 
Entering and exiting a stage gracefully, making a effect right a way, the walk, the message in the performance and a few tricks of the trade 


 all the little things and the little details that really ad to your acts. Bring: leggings, big smile, high heels and corset.


17:15 - 18:15 Scarlett James (CA): 
Express what you feel, the art of using your body on stage in a classic but strong manner. Discover your physical asset and use it to your advantage tame your gloves and tame your boa, Bring: leggings, big smile, high heels, boa & gloves


18:30 - 19:30 MisRed Delicious (NZ): 
It’s long been a symbol of sensuality and sexuality in burlesque and now it’s time to get down and dirty with your boa! This workshop will take you through the art of concealing and revealing as you entangle yourself in your boa in some dirty floor work aimed to raise the passion of your audience. Suitable for the curious to experienced performer. Wear comfortable clothing you can move in (recommend tight fitting), heels, and a boa.

Ab / From 20:00 Uhr / pm: 
For all workshop participants, teachers, performers, friends..... Please send us a note to mail@vintage-dance-studio.de if you want to join us there. 
Für alle Worshop-Teilnehmerinnen, Lehrer/innen, Künstler/innen, Freund/innen, Fans. Bitte teilt uns bis 14. März mit wenn Ihr mitkommen wollt, denn wir müssen die richtige Anzahl Plätze reservieren. Bayr. Lokal je nach Teilnehmerzahl.


Erster/First Workshop: 20 EUR
Jeder weitere / any further workshop 18 EUR. 
All You Can Learn-Pass: (für alle/for all 11 Workshops): 180 EUR (statt/instead of 200 EUR)


Bitte das Anmeldeformular am Ende dieser Seite herunterladen und ausgefüllt schicken an: mail@vintage-dance-studio.de


Kurzübersicht der Workshops:


Samstag 21. März 2015:     

1) 12:00 - 13:00       Lady Wildflower (UK): Beginners Burlesque Class

2) 13:15 - 14:15       Andromeda Circus (ES): Bendylesque - Flexibility for                                 Burlesque

3) 14:30 - 15:30       Scarlett Martini (IT): Walking and Teasing

4) 16:00 - 17:00       Trillian (NZ): Burlesque Booty Camp

5) 17:15 - 18:15       Vixen Valentine (USA): More Than Just A Pretty                                        Face


Sonntag 22. März 2015:     

6) 12:00 - 13:00        Dixie Dynamite (D): Burlesque & Pin up Basics

7) 13:15 - 14:15        Pretty Boy Rock (USA): Acting for Burlesque

8) 14:30 - 15:30        Peggy De Lune (USA): Stage Presence &                                                  Confidence

9) 16:00 - 17:00        Scarlett James (CA): Classic Burlesque

10) 17:15 - 18:15      Scarlett James (CA): Burlesque Striptease

11) 18:30 - 19:30      MisRed Delicious (NZ): Down & Dirty With your Boa


Ausführliche Workshop-Beschreibungen findet Ihr bald weiter unten auf der Website!


Kosten: Erster Workshop: 20 EUR, jeder weitere 18 EUR.

All You Can Learn-Pass: (für alle 11 Workshops): 180 EUR (statt 200 EUR)


Verbindliche Workshop-Anmeldungen nur schriftlich unter: mail@vintage-dance-studio.de



Tipps für den JGA in München:

Ein spezieller Burlesque-Workshop in der Munich School Of Burlesque für kleine und große JGA-Mädels-Gruppen.


Qualifizierte Dozentinnen mit Bühnen-Praxis, flexible Pakete, günstige Preise, einfache Erreichbarkeit und das tollste passende Burlesque-Ambiente in München!


Wir freuen uns auf Eure Anfrage.


Mehr Infos: 










Samstag 27. Okt. 2018, 20 Uhr

Theater Drehleier


präsentiert die


Tickets zu 25 EUR gibt es hier!

Mehr Infos: 




Donnerstag 27. Dezember 2018

Freitag 28. Dezember 2018

20:00 Uhr

Theater Drehleier

BLONDE BOMBSHELL BURLESQUE präsentiert seine Weihnachts-Revue:


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